Why Designers and Contractors Should Use BIM 360 Glue

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Dan Warren

Why Designers and Contractors Should Use BIM 360 Glue

Innumerable challenges face your project team during the design and construction of a project, and any tools that promise to make the process more efficient warrant review. With the advent of BIM, coordination processes have become essential to project success. Large complex projects do not come without their fair share of design and constructability issues. Whether you’re trying to share your model with your project team, resolve constructability issues, or simply review models, there are many compelling reasons to include BIM 360 Glue as a part of your BIM processes.

Designers:BIM 360 Glue interface

Get more from your models. With BIM 360 Glue markup models and notify team members when issues arise. Send “one click to BIM” notifications and document the coordination effort on the model. Transform your design model into a collaboration platform by quickly identifying issues, alerting key project partners, and tracking communication efforts during resolution.


Produce more accurate drawings. Between the ducting, structural steel, rain leaders, cable trays, domestic piping, light fixtures, and fire protection there’s a lot of real estate demand in a plenum with very limited space. When designers don’t effectively coordination designs between disciplines, the construction team is tasked to resolve a laundry list of complex and difficult coordination issues. By quickly clashing designs during development, designers can prevent more design conflicts prior to the issuance of CDs in turn reducing change and rework costs.

Drawings with BIM 360 Glue










Provide immersive model navigation. When conveying complex spatial designs, pictures, renders and animations are essential but often fall short when communicating the true value of a space. Use views and section boxes to quickly place a client in your design to get the most out of design review. Get invaluable feedback on your work and explore spaces like never before without VR hardware and software.


Build & Coordination:

Quickly share “latest and greatest” models. Using e-mail and FTP solutions to share large models comes with a host of challenges. Eliminate versioning issues by publishing your latest work directly from Revit and AutoCAD with BIM 360 Glue’s in-app tools. Do your work, glue your work, and done- now your models are immediately available.  This reduces your time spent handing models so you can spend more time solving problems.

Do more with the tools you currently use. By now it’s old hat that BIM 360 Glue works directly with Revit and AutoCAD (i.e. pinpoint clashes & publish models). But did you know Glue complements your existing Navisworks Manage and 360 Layout workflows? Additionally, for the BIM managers out there, Glue’s clash detection tools allow coordinators to “spellcheck” their own work prior to running models through a Navisworks workflow. This means that, you, the BIM manager, can focus more energy on larger coordination issues while your project team resolves the lower-priority issues.

BIM 360 Gllue workflows

Leverage models in the field to be more productive.BIM 360 Glue for iOS Because BIM 360 Glue holds the latest and greatest version of the model on your iOS device, your team now has access to your BIM data offline. Verify stub ups, check offsets and confirm mounting heights with Glue’s intuitive measurement tools.  Finally, ensure adherence to the coordination plan by using Glue’s immersive map to drop yourself in the model and compare the field conditions to the coordination model. This is particularly useful when ensuring all trades are installed prior to hanging drywall.

Accelerate project coordination. Interested to see how your team can use BIM 360 Glue to coordinate more efficiently? Please join us Thursday, September 21st at 11am EST to see first-hand how BIM 360 Glue can accelerate your next coordination effort in a live webinar. You’ll see just how easy it is to use BIM 360 Glue in conjunction with Revit and AutoCAD to quickly resolve conflicts and coordinate in a live project!

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