Why BlueBeam Beats Adobe for Architects and Engineers

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Are you spending a lot of money on Adobe products to create, edit, and mark up architectural and engineering documents?

You don’t have to. BlueBeam offers a more efficient system at an even more affordable price.

With BlueBeam, you can create a paperless workflow that tests the limits of project communication. BlueBeam Revu offers three editions–Standard, CAD, and eXtreme–each designed with powerful user benefits.

Bluebeam Studio

All versions of Revu come with free access to Bluebeam Studio, the software’s collaboration platform. What does that give you? Unlimited storage space, the ability to upload any file type, and the capacity for up to 500 simultaneous users marking up a PDF.

Best of all, you can even collaborate with users who don't own Bluebeam. How? Invite them to join your Session or Project by using BlueBeam Vu, their free PDF viewer. As long as the user is working within Studio, BlueBeam unlocks the full suite of markup tools. This feature allows the non-BlueBeam user to participate fully in project collaboration.

Full Office, Autodesk, and Sketchup Integration

Each of Revu’s three versions comes with direct plugins for the MS Office Suite, the standard office software package that includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook. These plugins allow you to add PDF creation buttons right into your menu ribbon. Revu CAD and Revu eXtreme provide additional plugins for AutoCAD, Navisworks, Solidworks, Revit, and SketchUp Pro. BlueBeam makes creating high-quality, vector-based PDFs easier than ever.

Markups List

Need to make notes on a document? The markups list provides an easy way to keep track of all of your markups in an interactive spreadsheet-style interface that’s easy to sort and filter. As with the rest of Revu, you can customize the columns in the markups list according to your preference.

More than simply toggling certain columns on or off, the markups list also lets you create custom columns with drop-down options or formula calculations. Using these, you can assign statuses, set material types, perform takeoffs, and more. The markups list is a valuable tool for design review, estimation and coordination of workflows.

Tool Chests

Revu makes creating and customizing markups simple and effective. What’s better? You don't want to have to keep creating the same markups again and again. The Tool Chest allows you to create custom toolsets in which you can save those markup tools for future use.

Just like profiles, tool sets can be exported and shared with other users. How does this make the process more efficient? By minimizing wasted time due repeated markup creations. It also helps standardize documents, which is hard to manage with multiple creations. The tool chests even let you organize your users by crafting color-coded markups for specific subjects or workflows.

BlueBeam is not only less expensive than Adobe, but it also enhances efficiency and collaboration. Worried about compatibility issues when you switch over? Don’t be. PDFs are an ISO standard file format, making your switch from Adobe to BlueBeam seamless.

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