What is Driveworks?

[fa icon="calendar"] August 14, 2020 / by Maxwell Ames

A Major Time-Saver for Designers and Engineers


DriveWorks is a software engine with a massive set of tools to allow companies to automate their designs with SOLIDWORKS and create complex online configurators. For example, companies offering complex goods in a variety of sizes may use DriveWorks to display a range of sizes might use DriveWorks to allow their customers to choose from a range of variants in order to meet their specific needs. Standard use cases include variants for automotive parts, doors, fasteners, and shelving, it is capable of so much more. DriveWorks can make a major improvement to any workflow that includes repetitive tasks or manually entered data.



Think about your daily design tasks. Have you ever found yourself performing the same task over and over again? Do you often need to make changes to SOLIDWORKS files in order to give customers a preview of their specific variant on a part or product? We think customers should be able to explore and visualize specifications for themselves, without support from a designer or engineer. If you agree, read on to learn how TPM and DriveWorks are here to help you.


As SOLIDWORKS users, we’ve all found ourselves hitting the same keystrokes repetitively and thinking… “surely a machine could do this for me, I am definitely wasting my talents on this monotonous repetitive task!” DriveWorks is your answer. Let’s take your configurations and equations a step further so you can control them outside of SOLIDWORKS. With one keystroke, you could generate an entire fasteners library and use it for every new job that comes across your desk. You could generate the skeleton structure for your product and build from it in the future. This investment of time will pay dividends in the future by removing monotonous tasks.


The greatest part about these files is that they are full-fledged SOIDWORKS files as well. So, if you have any anomalies with your DriveWorks automated process, it’s no problem, you can always open and edit any DriveWorks generated SOLIDWORKS file and work on it manually.


Now, let’s check out a perfect example of DriveWorks in action. The leadership at ROSE Systemtechnik GmbH recognized that they were paying their engineers and designers to perform the same general work with little variation rather than paying them to come up with innovative solutions and unique applications. They leveraged DriveWorks to support their designers by automating the creation of SOLIDWORKS parts, assemblies and manufacturing drawings. Now, the designers focus on much higher level problems and help drive the company’s core products. The implementation of DriveWorks has also enabled high standards and short delivery times to be maintained whilst keeping up with company growth.

Learn more here: https://www.driveworks.co.uk/customer-stories/rose-systemtechnik/


DriveWorks is one tool in the TPM toolbox that fulfills our mission of helping you Improve your designs, deliver more work, win more business. When your designs are automated and efficient, you have more time to focus on what you do best.


Maxwell Ames, Technical Solutions Consultant


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Maxwell Ames

Written by Maxwell Ames

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