TPM's Top 5 Technical Posts and Webinars

[fa icon="calendar"] May 14, 2020 / by Maxwell Ames

Max Ames, Technical Solutions Consultant, MFG

TPM voted on our TOP 5 technical posts and webinars and here they are!

  1. SOLIDWORKS Mold Design
    Getting Started with SW Mold Tools

This three-minute Thursday video showcases the basic tools and workflow utilized to create mold tooling in SOLIDWORKS. While the Mold design Process can be daunting, this three-minute Thursday video walks through the basic design process of a bicycle handlebar plug and shows how a seemingly complex process can be accomplished with ease.  

  1. SOLIDWORKS Electrical for P&ID
    SOLIDWORKS Electrical for P&ID

In this three-minute Thursday we learn how to use SOLIDWORKS Electrical to generate P&ID documentation. This basic how-to video demonstrates some simple tricks we can utilize to create P&IDs with ease and speed.

  1. 15 SOLIDWORKS Simulation Mesh Tips in 3 Minutes
    SOLIDWORKS Simulation Mesh Tips

In this three-minute Thursday we are sharing 15 important tips to help solve your meshes faster and more accurately! The tips and tricks shown in this three-minute Thursday video can help take SOLIDWORKS Simulation to its maximum potential.  Check out this video and try these meshing tips when you run your next simulation mesh!

  1. Introducing the New SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020: Performance, Speed, Control

This blog post covers some of the new features in SOLIDWORKS 2020 PDM! SOLIDWORKS 2020 PDM has the capability to streamline your SOLIDWORKS operations and eliminate your pain points while also saving you money. Check out this blog post and see if any of these new features could potentially solve some of your own pain points!



Knowledge about SOLIDWORKS licensing can definitely save you in times of need! Check out these Tech posts for pertinent information on how to work from home utilizing SOLIDWORKS and how to borrow licenses from your server.

Borrowing SOLIDWORKS Licenses

                Borrowing SOLIDWORKS Licenses

                In this three-minute Thursday we cover the steps needed to borrow a license!

                Tips for working from home!

                In this blog post we cover a few topics about working from home and about how TPM can help!


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Maxwell Ames

Written by Maxwell Ames

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