MarkForged Metal X End to End

[fa icon="calendar'] July 10, 2017 / by Matt Luther posted in 3D Printing

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TPM, Inc. announces new end to end metal 3D printing solution from MarkForged

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Split Parts for 3D Printing

[fa icon="calendar'] July 07, 2017 / by Cris Ivan posted in 3D Printing

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3D printing is the future of rapid prototyping and small-to-medium-volume manufacturing, as well as on-demand spare parts and fixtures. So what do you do when a part is too large to print in one piece? For rapid prototyping, you can scale it down to a smaller size. For a functional part, however, it is often necessary to split it into two or more parts and then glue them together. The type of split matters on the geometry of the part and the way it will be used. Dovetails, overlaps and tongue and grooves are just some of the more popular techniques used by designers.

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Cut Running Costs in Half with the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer

[fa icon="calendar'] May 22, 2017 / by TPM Admin posted in 3D Printing

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Are high running costs keeping you from adopting high-speed 3D printing technology? They shouldn’t stop you anymore!

Since the genesis of the 3D revolution, HP has led the way in the development of newer, better technology, pushing the limits of what’s possible. For HP, pushing the limits is not just about exceeding technical possibility, it’s also about making innovative products easily available at affordable costs.

"As we examined the existing 3D print market, we saw a great deal of potential but also saw major gaps in the combination of speed, quality and cost," said Stephen Nigro, Senior Vice President, Inkjet and Graphic Solutions, HP. "HP Multi Jet Fusion is designed to transform manufacturing across industries by delivering on the full potential of 3D printing with better quality, increased productivity, and break-through economics."

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Discover How Nike and BMW use HP 3D Printing to Improve Performance

[fa icon="calendar'] May 15, 2017 / by TPM Admin posted in 3D Printing, HP3D

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The new wave of manufacturing is all about speed, efficiency, and precision. HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printers are making the future possible now. The HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer operates at speeds up to ten times faster and at a cost that’s one-half of its closest competitor’s—all while producing a high-quality product designed and crafted with voxel level control.

HP’s corporate partners in this breakthrough technology include solid industry giants such as Nike, BMW, Autodesk, Jabil, Johnson & Johnson, Materialise, Proto Labs, Shapeways, and Siemens.

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10x Faster 3D Printing Speeds Allow for More Production

[fa icon="calendar'] May 08, 2017 / by TPM Admin posted in 3D Printing, HP3D

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3D printing is on the cusp of transforming the way we manufacture products. Why are companies hesitant to embrace it?

In the past, 3D printers have not created new parts at the speed to which users were accustomed. Waiting for a 3D printer to make one functional part could grind production to a halt. Significant time had to be budgeted for post processing. The 3D printer’s customization was welcome, but its slow production time was not.

But what if 3D printers could do customization en masse? What if they could do so with unmatched precision? And at a price your business can afford?

Now all those "what ifs" are a possibility with the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer.

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HP's Thermal Inkjet Technology Allows Lower Cost without Sacrificing Quality

[fa icon="calendar'] May 01, 2017 / by TPM Admin posted in 3D Printing, HP3D

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When HP introduced its Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer in 2016, it signaled the fall of three barriers to manufacturing’s full embrace of the new 3D printing technology—speed, quality, and cost.

Early model 3D printers crafted rough parts at a slow pace, and the sky-high costs kept many consumers from making the investment in the new products no matter how futuristic they might be.

That’s changed.

HP Thermal Inkjet Technology allows users to print at lower cost without sacrificing quality. The newest generation of HP’s 3D printers, the Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer, can craft products with voxel level control, ensuring spot-on accuracy and fine detail. It does so at up to ten times the speed of its competitors.

Using its distinctive Thermal Inkjet Technology, HP incorporates highly recyclable powder and an open platform system to reduce 3D printing costs and keep them low.

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The HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer Allows for Voxel Level Control

[fa icon="calendar'] April 24, 2017 / by TPM Admin posted in 3D Printing, HP3D

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Imagine what you could create if your 3D printer had voxel level control. Think of the crisp letters, the fine details, and the dimensional accuracy you could achieve. Until now, voxel level control has been beyond the power of small and mid-size businesses to attain.

No longer.

HP’s new Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer boasts 1,200 nozzles per inch, printing 30 million drops—or 340 million voxels—per second, giving it extreme dimensional quality and pinpoint accuracy.

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Just How Fast is HP's New 3D Printer?

[fa icon="calendar'] April 17, 2017 / by TPM Admin posted in 3D Printing, HP3D

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The advent of 3D printing opened infinite possibilities for the future. From biomedical engineering to automobile manufacturing, 3D printer technology is revolutionizing the way functional parts are crafted.

Thanks to HP printing, small and mid-size businesses can stay at the forefront of what’s happening in prototyping and manufacturing technology. The company launched a line of 3D printers especially designed for speed, efficiency, and quality output.

The HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer is the latest generation of technology to roll off the digital production line at HP. The result of decades of futuristic research and far-sighted innovation, this HP 3D printer is transforming how small businesses manufacture products. This new HP printer keeps the fine detail and precision customers expect from a top technology brand but with up to 10 times more speed and at around half the cost of competitive systems.

Just how fast is HP’s new 3D printer? The platform can address more than 340 million voxels per second.

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Unlock the Full Potential of 3D Printing with HP

[fa icon="calendar'] April 10, 2017 / by TPM Admin posted in 3D Printing, HP3D

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The world of prototyping and manufacturing is about to be reinvented. Advances in 3D printing are accelerating the speed with which new productivity solutions can be found for the thorniest challenges. Is your business prepared for what’s coming?

HP 3D printing has already reimagined the future of productivity and quality. They created the HP Multi Jet Fusion HP 3D Printer. It’s an easy-to-use, scalable technology designed to help you capitalize on emerging manufacturing strategies by providing state-of-the-art processes, finely honed products, and enhanced revenue streams.

HP introduced the Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer to help a cross-section of manufacturing enterprises prototype and manufacture quality products up to ten times faster than their competitors at around half the price.

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Innovate Faster with MarkForged 3D Printers

[fa icon="calendar'] March 13, 2017 / by TPM Admin posted in 3D Printing

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Whatever product you create, technology holds the power to help you craft it better, stronger, and more quickly. Are you looking for a way to make strong-as-metal products right from the design program on your desktop? Do you need to reduce human error or turn-around time between design and production? Are cost or quality concerns holding you back from investing in cutting-edge manufacturing technology?

MarkForged 3D printers could hold the solution for you.

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