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Rob Stoklosa

Rob Stoklosa, TPM Application Engineer

 SOLIDWORKS is full of awesome little tools that enable us to create…well, almost anything.

Too often, I find myself discussing these features with clients and usually ending the sentence with ”….too bad you’ll never use it”.

So, I thought I would write about a practical application for a function that falls into this category.

Sketch Picture!

I recently was required to procure new wingtips for a single engine aircraft. Incredibly, the sketch picture function in SOLIDWORKS allowed for a precise fit to the existing wing, without the use of a scanner. I have illustrated the process.

Plane at the shop getting prepped for paint and other mods.


The moment of truth. You ain’t lived till actually have to cut the wingtip off a very expensive airplane.


 We needed to “precisely” capture the new wing cross-section to fit the new tips correctly. Scanning was not an option for us.


Utilizing the imported sketch, we simply traced the profile, and offset it to create a flange we could mate to the existing cross section. This was then used as a cross section to generate the new tip.


So, the next time your situation prevents you from having access to a scanner, grab a pencil and paper and get to tracing.


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Rob Stoklosa

Written by Rob Stoklosa

TPM Application Engineer, Manufacturing

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