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The Plans

When you walk through the doors of Young Office you can't  help but ask for a tour of the whole building. With the inviting feel and modern look,  you never know what is around the next corner.  The layout and design are unlike any office I have seen before, so I was excited to see what project The Color Lab was about to take on with Young Office. I got there early so I was able to get some "before" pictures and see what the plans were for the project.


As you can see in the plans above, Casper Cloaking Film would be installed by The Color Lab on some of the office doors and windows as well as modern geometric graphics to tie the space together. If you aren't familiar with Casper Cloaking Film, it is an architectural film for glass walls that obscures digital screens from the outside view. It acts as a smart shield to ensure data privacy while providing the peace of mind to collaborate freely in any working environment. This was new to me, so I was really excited to see the final results. 


The Before's




The After's




Functional and stylish, the graphics accomplish privacy while updating the entire look and feel of the space. As you can see below, the Casper Film blacks out the screens of the glass walled rooms while maintaining an open feel.



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