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If you are local and regularly scroll through social media, then I bet a million bucks you've come across #yeahthatgreenville.  The hashtag was started by VisitGreenvilleSC as a way to follow along with the city and county of Greenville through words, images, art and to see all of the good stuff that is going on around town. 

We partnered with local creative company, Brains on Fire who did the design for this project to kick off VisitGreenvilleSC Yeah, THAT Party 2018! 



TPM's Color Lab did the manufacturing and installation of the displays and murals pictured in the photos. A wide variety of materials were used for this project including foam board TV frames that were mounted to the walls and in the booths, floating window accolades and rear projection, beautiful wall murals, hanging banners and entry framed out with floating white lettering. 




We were thrilled for the opportunity to partner with VisitGreenvilleSC and Brains on Fire for the party of the year! 

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