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Do you and your colleagues pass so many project revisions back and forth that you're starting to lose track of all of your notes? Shouldn't there be a revision feature that's built in to your document creation software so your notes can stay with the project rather than end up as clutter on your desk?

Even the most “user-friendly” PDF software often includes oversights or features that actually reduce efficiency rather than add to it. In an office dedicated to paperless workflows, that can bring progress to a halt while employees are forced to print out physical paper copies, mark them up, add those edits into a separate document, scan them into the system, and then send them on to the rest of the team for review.

Don’t fall into the inefficiency trap. There are programs out there designed explicitly to make your paperless workflows run smoothly and provide every single tool your team requires when it comes to document management.

Our top pick is Bluebeam Revu. Here’s why:

Bluebeam Revu Changes the Paperless Game

You can create more with less. Revu doesn’t just allow you to convert Microsoft Office or CAD documents into PDFs, it also allows for PDFs to be turned into editable documents and back again. No more marking up printed-out copies of “read-only” PDFs, no more intensive conversion process—it all occurs with a couple of mouse clicks. On top of that, you’ll be able to convert batches of documentation at once to more than 10 different file formats, saving you time and server space, since you’ll only need one conversion program for everything you need.

Commenting and editing abilities are a key feature. Revu’s customizable markup tools are extensive and make for a quick and easy way to create edits, leave comments, highlight key portions of content, or even embed photos and videos to add clarity when needed. You’ll be able to track all changes and annotations and export a list of changes made into Excel, letting you use just one system to track your important projects from start to finish.

Organization Tools Aid In Paperless Transitions

Even if you haven’t gone paperless yet, Revu can help you get there. Beyond the ability to edit, comment, or delete portions of PDFs that would otherwise be “read-only” in your system, Bluebeam Revu lets you create bookmarks from page labels or in-page content, generate hyperlinks using name, page label, or page region, and automatically slip-sheet large document sets as needed.

Revu is the ideal PDF-user’s software package, but it goes far beyond that. It also provides excellent benefits for offices that rely on CAD software, and has been designed to fit around your needs, whether you’re looking for basic essentials or need something a little bit super-powered.

Three Levels of Revu Let You Choose The Power You Need

Bluebeam Revu isn’t just a flat “you get what you get” product. It’s designed in three variations to provide the exact features that you need.

  • Revu Standard is the first-level product, and provides those essential PDF features that help you work efficiently. Perfect for Windows and tablet users, we find the Standard product works best for office personnel, general and specialty contractors, and certain state and federal government offices.
  • Revu CAD has its important details right there in the name — it’s explicitly designed for offices that rely on CAD and provides an enhanced PDF solution for CAD users that need total efficiency of product. Engineers, architects, drafters, and detailers will find Bluebeam Revu CAD the best product for them!
  • Revu eXtreme is for offices that need all the features of the previous two levels, as well as greater power and reliability. Perfect for large law firms and government offices that deal in large batches of documents on a daily basis and need teams to collaborate not just across the office, but across the country. We also recommend Revu eXtreme for large construction, document controllers, power users — and just about anyone working with a large number of employees needing to work with a large amount of PDF or CAD documentation.

Bluebeam Revu is The Solution You’ve Been Searching For

There isn’t a business on the planet that doesn’t want to work smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Bluebeam Revu is the solution to your PDF and CAD concerns, and its three levels, organizational tools, and incredible editing and collaborative PDF tools will help you take an inefficient paperless workflow and make it a streamlined machine.

Don’t over spend on expensive Adobe products when you can get everything you need and more with Bluebeam Revu products. From basic PDF creation, editing, and markup, to PDF form creation and scripting structures, we have you covered. Not sure which Revu solution is best for your needs? We will not only help you to find the right product, we will also provide support and training. Give us a call at (800) 922-1145 or contact us online to get your PDF navigation and reporting software.


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