Solution Series: Collaborative AEC Design

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In this Three-Part webinar series we will be introducing some typical issues experienced among project teams and how those issues can be solved with cloud-based collaboration tools. This three-part webinar is designed to provide insight for all owners, principles, and project managers into collaborative workflows from design through construction.

Part 1: Connected Architects in the Cloud

In this first part of three webinars, we will be taking on the role of an architect to address typical issues that may arise with a disconnected design team. We will be looking at cloud-based collaboration with other team members.


Part 2: Connected Consultants in the Cloud

In this second part of three webinars, we will take on the role of an HVAC engineer, and demonstrate to all team members how MEP disciplines can utilize the cloud for collaborating with other disciplines and design teams.


Part 3: Connected Contractors in the Cloud

In this third and final webinar we will be taking on the role of a general contractor and will be demonstrating how data populated through design can be accessed in the field and how issues and information can be requested back to the design team in the same cloud based platform.



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