SOLIDWORKS Visualize: Formations

[fa icon="calendar"] August 24, 2017 / by Mike Staples

By now you’re probably aware of SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to start using it. If you have, I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s absolutely incredible. If you haven’t; start today. If you own SOLIDWORKS pro or premium you have access!

Today, I wanted to pass along a somewhat hidden feature I came across called formations. This allows you to very easily align multiple models in one of several orientation styles. It’s very simple yet powerful. You choose the formation type, drag sliders for angle and spacing and you’re done! A great use for this tool is showing your design with various color combinations all at once. For this, you just copy and paste your model as many times as needed, select them all and set the formation, then drag and drop appearances until your heart’s content.

As an engineer that’s done a lot of product renderings the hard way, I’m a huge fan of Visualize and this hidden gem. And marketing will love this feature if you’re kind enough to give them your install of Visualize.

TMT-Spreader_Formations.png      TMT-Spreader_Formations-final.png




Mike Staples

Written by Mike Staples

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