SOLIDWORKS Network License Price Increase

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SOLIDWORKS Network License Price Increase


Beginning August 1st, 2019, SOLIDWORKS is increasing the price of network licenses.  Network licensing provides great value compared with stand-alone licensing.  The additional cost allows SOLIDWORKS to help fund continued development efforts.

Some of the Benefits of networking your SOLIDWORKS software.

  • Sharing Licenses: Allows you to stretch your investment by sharing licenses across users that may not be full time users. Network licenses can be installed everywhere that may need to access the software, and the License Manager will allow users up to the number of licenses owned to use the software.  This is great if you have users that may not spend all day in the software.  Rather than dedicate a single license to them, they can share from your pool of licenses when needed.  Networking also allows you to quickly enable and disable capabilities of higher levels of software thus accessing and sharing these capabilities among your users on an as-needed basis.
  • Managing your software is easier: by using a network licensing setup, eliminates managing multiple different serial numbers. If you have multiple users, networking makes it easier to get users the software they need without worrying about who is assigned what serial number.  If you have multiple different products, they all can reside in the same network making it easy to add capabilities like data management or simulation.  Bonus: if you have folks in other offices, you can manage software across a WAN making it easy to manage folks in other locations.
  • License Compliance: by making it easier to manage your licensing, it also benefits the company by making sure you are in license compliance. With the network license, as users turn over, it becomes very easy to make sure somebody doesn’t leave with a copy of your valuable software. 
  • Manage the Quantity of your software: With the network licensing, you can use tools to determine if you have the appropriate number of licenses for your organization. Rather than wait till it becomes a crisis, you can judge how the software is used and determine when you need to add additional licenses before it becomes an issue making sure that everybody can get the proper software when they need it.
  • Borrowing licenses: What if you have somebody that needs to take the software in the field and won’t be on the network?  Well, they can borrow licenses.  Licenses can be borrowed for specified time periods after which they are automatically returned to the license pool.  If the user returns prior to the end date they can simply return the license making it available for others to use. 

The details:

  • The network products included: SOLIDWORKS, PDM, and Manage (including PSL), Simulation, SW Simulation Flow, SW Plastics, SW Composer, SW Inspection, SW CAM, MBD, SW Electrical, SW PCB, and SW Visualize
  • Prices are increasing 10% the Network Licenses and 10% increase subscription service for these licenses. PSLs and global licensing are included.
  • This increase also impacts the network installation fee.

If you have any questions about how this may impact you and your software portfolio, please contact your sales rep here at TPM and we can help show you how or if this change will affect you.


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