Digitizing Forms with Bluebeam's Automatic Form Creation

[fa icon="calendar'] August 09, 2019 / by Broderick Whitlock posted in AEC, Four Minute Friday

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Broderick Whitlock, AEC Application Engineer

In this weeks’ video you will learn the basics of using Automatic Form Creation in Bluebeam.


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Revit Time Travel Phases Tip

[fa icon="calendar'] August 01, 2019 / by Pat Hill posted in AEC, Four Minute Friday

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Patrick Hill, AEC Application Engineer

This weeks’ video is a short tip on how to quickly change geometry that was drawn in one phase and change its phase properties to be a previous phase. This tip will allow you to change all your geometry without having to select each element.



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Autodesk Security Updates May Be Required for Cloud Access

[fa icon="calendar'] August 01, 2019 / by Autodesk posted in AEC, Four Minute Friday

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Autodesk will be updating their older cloud-based services to utilize some newer security features now offered. Those services will be updated on August 3rd, 2019. For reference, we have included the letter that Autodesk has sent out to users that still have access to the older cloud-based services. If you are using versions of 2018 Autodesk software or earlier you will likely not have access to the cloud data after August 3rd if you do not upgrade your software. The link included with the email will direct you to the web page the describes the issue and has links to updates for Autodesk software and the relevant versions.

IMPORTANT: this update applies to SINGLE USER SUBSCRIBERS. Users with perpetual or multi-user network license are not affected

If you have received this letter, it is a legitimate letter from Autodesk and is required if you intend to continue access your projects with older software.



Last month, we tried to contact you because our records show you have a version of Autodesk software that may be vulnerable to data exchange compromise. Certain older versions of Autodesk software on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems are using Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0/1.1 protocols; most versions 2018-2020 are not affected. For customers using Revit cloud-connected features, Revit Cloud Worksharing, and Cloud Models for Revit, additional updates may be necessary.*

We have heard concerns about how long it would take to make the necessary system updates.

After careful consideration, we have revised the date for the TLS 1.0/1.1 deprecation to August 3, 2019, to ensure our customers have the time required to successfully adopt the patches without disrupting their work.

To ensure your security and connectivity, you’ll find patches for most affected products on the Autodesk Knowledge Network. If you’re using a software version listed, we urge you to address the issue by August 3, 2019 so you don’t lose software access or connectivity; if applied after August 3, the available patches should still resolve the issue.

Although the updates are not required until August 3, we highly recommend installing them as soon as possible.

At Autodesk, we are fully committed to your security and success.



Autodesk Customer Service


* Additional updates: Revit Cloud Worksharing is the in-Revit part of BIM 360 Design and includes operations like initiate collaboration, model open, sync with central. It is accessible Revit 2015 and later versions.

  • All Revit versions on maintenance or subscription must be updated to the latest point release to continue to use Revit Cloud Worksharing.
  • You must also apply a Personal Accelerator (PAC) security fix once for any version of Revit. The PAC is used by Revit Cloud Worksharing to accelerate open and sync operations. It is installed once per machine and works with all versions of Revit.
  • For Revit Cloud Worksharing with Revit 2015 or 2016, you must also apply the latest Autodesk Licensing Manager Hotfixes included with the patches for Revit products.

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© Copyright 2019 Autodesk, Inc. All rights reserved



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SolidWorks Design Library Features

[fa icon="calendar'] August 01, 2019 / by Luke Woodard posted in Manufacturing, SOLIDWORKS, Three Minute Thursday

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Luke Woodard, TPM Application Engineer

If you’ve ever modeled the same feature multiple times and wondered if there was an easier way, there is. Here it is. Model a feature once, and then use it over and over again in multiple models without remodeling it every time.


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Free SolidWorks Exam!

[fa icon="calendar'] July 30, 2019 / by TPM Admin posted in Manufacturing, SOLIDWORKS, Three Minute Thursday

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Did you know that you can take a SOLIDWORKS certification exam for free?  If you’re current on your SOLIDWORKS subscription and looking to join the ranks of certified SOLIDWORKS pros, follow this link to get your free exam voucher.  Over 300k certificates have been awarded, get yours today! 

For pro tips and all the support you need to be successful, contact us.

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Structure System Lesson at MySolidWorks.com

[fa icon="calendar'] July 29, 2019 / by Solidworks posted in Manufacturing, SOLIDWORKS, Three Minute Thursday

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Check out this new free lesson on Structure System to learn this great new SOLIDWORKS capability.  To access, click here and login to your MySolidWorks account. This lesson is available to all Standard users of MySolidWorks, meaning that it is available to everyone on CAD subscription. The lesson introduces Structure System by using primary and secondary members to create a shed frame.

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Autodesk Vehicle Tracking

[fa icon="calendar'] July 26, 2019 / by Korey Gaddy posted in AEC, Four Minute Friday

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Korey Gaddy, AEC Application Engineer

This Four Minute Friday will cover Autodesk Vehicle Tracking. Vehicle Tracking is an Autodesk Product that allows for Vehicle Routing, Parking Lot Layouts and Round About Design.


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TPM Announces Employee Promotions

[fa icon="calendar'] July 26, 2019 / by TPM Admin posted in News

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JULY 25, 2019; GREENVILLE, SC – TPM Inc., the Southeast’s leading 2D and 3D design technology provider, announces the promotion of several team members. 

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SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019 What's New

[fa icon="calendar'] July 24, 2019 / by Mike DeKoning posted in Manufacturing, SOLIDWORKS, Three Minute Thursday

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Mike DeKoning, TPM Application Engineer

Get the lowdown on some of the top enhancements in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019.

Here are some great new features that will help your team work smarter and faster including conditional notifications, mixed authentication and sheet metal flat pattern export.

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"Who's Got Time?" Ways Bluebeam Can Improve Communication and Save Time Within Your Projects!

[fa icon="calendar'] July 19, 2019 / by Broderick Whitlock posted in AEC, Four Minute Friday

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Broderick Whitlock, AEC Application Engineer

As we know in a busy world ‘Time is Money!’ Bluebeam Revu has the right solution to reduce wasted time doing some of the industry’s most repetitive tasks. It can also help save time by creating a virtual collaboration space for you and other disciplines to mark up drawings in real time!

In this webinar you we will discuss the following:
• Reduce Redundant Processes by Batch Signing and Sealing
• Revision Tracking and Management with Document Compare
• Single Source of Truth using Bluebeam Studio
• Annotation Summary with Hyperlinks


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