An Outdoor Backwall for All Weather Conditions

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Author: Expand Media

The Expand GrandFabric Outdoor is the world’s first portable outdoor graphic backwall. Whether it is for music festivals, professional sports activations, or traveling product engagements, when you want to promote your message and brand outside, regardless of season or weather conditions, the Expand GrandFabric Outdoor will give your message it’s largest reach yet. It is designed for outdoor use and can be placed on different surfaces such as sand, snow, grass and asphalt as it comes with several support options.

Take your brand outdoors, whenever you want

  • Carefully selected materials to endure outdoor use
  • Can be used on different surfaces
  • Double-sided fabric print for extra exposure
  • Easy set up - no tools needed
  • Portable - the frame parts fit into the Expand PodiumCase (separate additional transport options are available for the support feet)


Use outdoors or indoors and display your message in two directions

This outdoor wall is made with the same lightweight aluminum frames as our popular Expand GrandFabric System and can also be used indoors (just exchange for indoor feet). The outdoor fabric is weather-resistant for both rain and sun. Just like the indoor fabric, you pull it over the frame parts and display your message in two directions. If you only want to print on one side, the backside is white.

Safety support parts for extra stability
To prevent the wall from falling over when windy, it comes with support profiles where you attach the backwall. To secure the wall to the ground, you can choose to either screw the frames into a wooden surface, use the water tanks, or other suitable weights - for instance concrete blocks, or ground pegs. Please note: For the wall to be secured, you must always use at least one of these safety devices, regardless of the weather.

Set up and stabilize the outdoor wall, it's easy:

1. Click the frame parts together
2. Pull over the pillow case fabric and close the zipper
3. Fold out the aluminum support profiles on the ground and attach the wall. When the wall is on, fasten the straps tightly through the graphic.
4. Clamp the support poles on the side
5. Secure the wall, with at least one of the safety support options
6. Done!

See how easy it is to set up:

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