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TPM, Inc. announces new end to end metal 3D printing solution from MarkForged

Greenville, SC, July 10, 2017 TPM, Inc. (, the Southeast’s leading 2D and 3D design technology provider, announces an end to end solution to accompany the breakthrough metal 3D printing technology from strategic partner MarkForged, the world leader in composite reinforced 3D printing.  Effective immediately, TPM will begin taking orders for the Metal X with shipment of the units beginning in September.

The new Metal X printer takes advantage of a proprietary Atomic Diffusion Additive Manufacturing (ADAM) technique, which prints metal parts layer-by-layer, using a metal powder contained in a plastic binder. After printing, plastic binders are removed using the new Wash-1 system. After being washed the part is sintered into customary engineering metals by the Sinter-1 system. For large volume or batch sintering the Sinter-2 system offers increased internal volume and throughput.  By sintering the entire part at once, ADAM technology allows metal crystals to grow through the bonded layers.  This effectively erases the layer-to-layer strength reduction of many other 3D printing processes.  “Until today, the story of metal 3D printing has been million-dollar machines that fill a room”, says CEO Greg Mark.  “With the introduction of the Metal X, metal production is easier and more available than ever.  Manufacturers and machine shops looking to augment CNC machining or find alternatives now have an answer.  Our mission is to help companies make better products, and get them to market faster”.

The Metal X Print System

Built on innovations pioneered by the Mark X Carbon Fiber Printer, the new Metal X features an industrial grade print platform and offers:

  • Large Build Volume (250mm x 220mm x 200mm)
  • In-process laser inspection for dimensional accuracy
  • Integrated metal-material handling system
  • Full integration with Eiger Cloud Software
  • Cloud enable build camera
  • Wash-1 washing system
  • Sinter-1 system
  • Sinter-2 system

The new Metal X 3D printer combines with the existing Mark Forged printer lineup to provide customers with superior 3D printing technology in a seamless integrated system of hardware, materials, and software to deliver a quality experience at a variety of price points.

TPM, Inc. is headquartered in Greenville, SC with offices in Columbia, SC, Charleston, SC, Charlotte, NC, and Durham, NC. TPM is the Southeast’s leading provider of 2D and 3D design technology alongside partners that include MarkForged, Autodesk, SOLIDWORKS, HP, Canon, Oce, and many more.  TPM serves more than 3,500 customers each year with technology solutions, training, consulting, and implementation services.  For more information, visit

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Matt Luther

Written by Matt Luther

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