Managing Simulation Data in SOLIDWORKS PDM

[fa icon="calendar"] June 21, 2018 / by Steve Ostrovsky

Steve Ostrovsky, TPM Application Engineer

A typical Simulation process contains several steps. Modeling with CAD design data…. Pre-processing information such as materials, loads, restraints and mesh… Solve the setup…. Post-process the engineering results…. And finally provide reports for review.

And then do that over and over and over and over....

The challenge in maintaining the mounds of data created, destroyed, overwritten is to build intelligence of data. Intelligence to improve consistency, reliability and repeatability. This is where SolidWorks PDM can step in.

How can we build intelligence where the CAD software communicate with Simulation tools through the data management? To start, how about exploiting the integration between the CAD data and Simulation tools using the metadata information as a means to search and retrieve the same Simulation from the CAD data. In SolidWorks PDM terms - use the Data Cards variables to be able to search and reuse existing Simulation data.

In our Three Minute Thursday video, we demonstrate how to setup this integration.

So why do all of this? Simple. Create visibility among all levels of users so you don't have to reinvent the wheel - or better yet, re-run lengthy Simulations. This essentially can help reduce the design cycle and create accountability throughout the process.

  • Who performed the Simulation
  • What type of Simulation was performed
  • Where did the Simulation data, such geometry (CAD data), material properties, load conditions, goals, etc. originate?
  • Why was the Simulation run?

Don’t let your Simulation data just sit idly and tucked away on network drives. Include it with the rest of your engineering data under one roof with SolidWorks PDM.

Thanks for joining us for TPM's Three Minute Thursday! Want to learn more? Check out our Training Courses created specifically for SOLIDWORKS users. 


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