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I recently came across a study titled, "Impact of Color on Marketing," where I learned how much of an influence color can have on people's moods and feelings as well as how it can contribute to differentiating products from it's competitors. This study also found that up to 62-90% of judgments made about products can be based on color alone. Color is a very important element when it comes to creating your brand identity, and predicting consumer reaction to color is more important than the color itself. 

Personally, I've always been a huge fan of color, and I agree 100% that it can affect someones mood. After taking a walk through The Color Lab this week, I noticed that there were lots of vibrant color coming through on everything from vehicle wraps, blvd banners, interior lettering and the list goes one. There is no better way to stand out than with bright and colorful graphics. I don't say this often, but take my advice this time and be sure to make your branding pop! No matter your application, The Color Lab has got you covered!



Be sure to check out last week's post where we share a fun project that we had the opportunity to work on with Young Office Supply!

Traditional advertising has long been a necessary evil, but these days there are better ways to allocate your advertising funds. Vehicle graphics can mobilize your marketing, working to raise brand awareness and bring in new business whether drivers are stuck in commuter traffic or parked on a busy street. Wrap your own fleet vehicles or hire commuters to spread your message on area highways and byways. TPM Color Lab has the expertise to provide vibrant, commanding vehicle graphics that can’t be ignored. Contact us now to get your message rolling.

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