Importing PDFs into Revit 2020

[fa icon="calendar"] May 10, 2019 / by Broderick Whitlock

Broderick Whitlock, TPM Application Engineer

What we have all been waiting for is finally here! Well, I can say for some of us at least!   Autodesk Revit 2020 was released in April 2020. There are a few major features that were included with this release, such as Steel Connections, Rebar in Model in Place, Path of Travel Automation (not for coded egress paths) and what this post is about IMPORTING PDF’S into Revit!

You can now bring in PDF’s into Revit! Now that the big announcement is out there, how do you go about getting a pdf into your project?  Under the INSERT tab, you will find the PDF button.  It will bring up a dialogue box that points to your computer for a PDF file. If a multipage document is chosen, the Revit dialogue will breakout each sheet and give the ability to choose a sheet from the set. There are multiple DPI options 72-600 DPI. For non-vector pdfs (such as scans) it would be advantageous to use a higher resolution. Once placed, the modify ribbon will have an option to Enable Snaps which can also be turned on in the properties of the PDF that was placed. Enabling them will allow the ability to measure as well as snap items to the pdf, such as walls and lines.

The PDF will only show up in the view it was inserted, similar to when an image is placed in Revit. While the inserted PDF is selected; the ability to “lock proportions” and “background/foreground” toggles are available. Most PDFs will be brought in at scale (double check with a known measurement). The ability to manipulate the visibility of the imported pdf is available as well. All in all, I would love to see Revit be able to “vectorize” the PDF for an easier transition, however, it is a start and way better than saving down a PDF to a JPEG losing quality along the way.


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Broderick Whitlock

Written by Broderick Whitlock

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