Help! I can't access my BIM360 Design Projects!

[fa icon="calendar"] February 19, 2020 / by Matthew Keck

Matthew Keck, Technical Solutions Consultant, AEC

Have no fear!!! We have been hearing this happen quite frequently lately and so we did some digging. Turns out, this common panic felt moment has been occurring due to Autodesk's building improvements to your user management account.

1.) Autodesk has been working to roll old contracts from the classic user management to a new user management format. In order to do that they have had to essentially "restart" a contract at a new date in order to force your account to roll into the new user management style. When this happens the license manager, which has not yet been prompted to begin looking in the new space for users, suddenly thinks there is no user assigned to the seats of BIM360 design or more accurately that the seats have been removed. This happens even though there seems to be a seat assigned due to a check in the box next to the users name. The most common solution is to simply un-check the box, and "re-assign" or re-check the seat back to the user. Its like when a young child zones into the TV for so long that it doesn't realize the TV has been turned off, and you have to clap your hands in their face to break the trance and turn their attention to the new environment!

In some instances, we have found you may need to preform a re-boot as well.

2.) Some other problems that we have found are:

-Verify the proper permission has been assigned by the project manager. If you are in a Design Collaboration environment the PM will need to add you to your team space, and for Live Model linking you will need the View, Download, Upload and Edit permission.

-Verify no-one else has signed in to your copy of Revit (yes, we have seen interoffice Revit Thieves!)

and finally call your friendly neighborhood TSC over at TPM! 888-313-1688

Feel free browse the Autodesk network for more information and solutions surrounding the Autodesk Account Mangement.


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Matthew Keck

Written by Matthew Keck

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