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Organized Data in SOLIDWORKS PDM

Your office most likely deals with huge amounts of data at any given time, especially if your business is based in engineering and design. First drafts, second drafts, that seventy-fifth run-through of an old project that needs revisiting? All of those files add up.

Many design and engineering offices end up in a kind of systematic chaos — designers and other staff digging through digital file libraries that haven’t been updated or even indexed properly, only to find themselves spending hours trying to find the right file instead of getting on with finishing the project.

How can you get your design data truly under control? With SOLIDWORKS PDM. Here’s how:

It’s Designed For Collaboration

There are plenty of data management products on the market that seem designed for individual use and ignore the essential role that team collaboration plays in design. With SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional or Standard products, your team will be able to share designs not just within your office, but outside the organization as needed, and in multiple locations—perfect for remote workers who need to be able to collaborate but simply can’t physically be in the office every day.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional: Essential For Work in Multiple Locations

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional helps even large teams working inside busy offices maintain order and increase efficiency by creating a paperless workflow that will formalize and optimize design development, document approval, and overall workflow management.

Concerned about losing important designs in case of data loss? Worried about losing control of what version of a design has been sent to whom? No problem! Design data is stored securely as well as indexed for easy retrieval, taking care of any data loss concerns and ensuring that your designers maintain control from start to finish.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional works well in large and small offices, but its functionality really shines in large workgroups that need files to be available in several different locations at once. If your office is smaller and your work stays within a single office, you may think that SOLIDWORKS PDM isn’t going to be the right decision.

That’s why we also provide and support SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard.

SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard: Scaled Down to Suit Your Needs

One of the criticisms of software designed to help huge offices has been that they don’t often work as well in smaller workspaces, where the employees can get lost in the extra functions they don’t require. SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard is the perfect solution.

While all the functions of Standard come included with the Professional and Premium packages, Standard stands alone in its dedication to performing essential data management functions for smaller workgroup environments that are in a single location.

Rather than get bogged down by attempting to store your essential data in shared or local network drives that can be subject to data loss in the event of sustained power outages, SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard provides a secure data vault where your information is securely stored and indexed, ready for retrieval by authorized users. It’s easy to use and quick to set up, helping to guide your product team from first designs all the way through development.

Keep Your Focus On Design With SOLIDWORKS PDM

SOLIDWORKS PDM is the essential tool for helping to keep your office a streamlined machine that you didn’t know you needed, and TPM is happy to be your partner in getting things rolling. It’s our mission to provide companies with the software and hardware they need to keep them at the top of their industries. For more information on SOLIDWORKS and how it can improve design data management for you, contact us online at any time or give TPM a call at (800) 922-1145

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