Everything You Need to Know about the HP MultiJet Fusion 3D Printer

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HP MultiJet Fusion 3D Printer

3D printing is still a novel technology, breaking new ground each year as further possibilities are unlocked. In an office that relies on 3D printing for manufacturing, prototyping, and other essential functions, you need a 3D printer and supporting applications ready to take on your staff’s projects and create an amazing final product.

That’s why the HP MultiJet Fusion 3D printer and works within HP’s unique Open Platform, to speed materials innovation without sacrificing quality, supporting the transition from traditional manufacturing to a new digitally-oriented world.

HP MultiJet Fusion 3D Ensures Consistent, Superior Quality

Inconsistencies in 3D printing can ruin a promising prototype. The HD MultiJet Fusion 3D printer ensures that your parts print with absolute consistency, dimensional accuracy, and and a low cost-per-part that makes it a great choice for busy offices with heavy workloads.

Its cooling down time is minimal, so you won’t have staff bogged down after a large job waiting for the printer to be usable again. You’ll be able to turn out large amounts of material without losing any of the original design’s specs or quality.

HD MultiJet Fusion 3D printers are also designed to work at high speeds, printing up to 10 times faster than their leading competitors, meaning your project will be finished on time and with great accuracy,

HP’s Open Platform Encourages Materials Innovation

In the past, traditional manufacturing involved a thousand second-guesses to ensure each part would be made consistently, and innovation was difficult when utilizing machinery with such specific design. In the Open Platform, HP supports the newest in software and materials innovation and standards.

One great example? The HP OpenPlatform aided in the development of 3MF, an improved 3D printing file format. Each small step towards innovation is one less frustration your busy office will need to deal with, one step closer to a perfect digital manufacturing environment.

The HP SmartStream 3D Build Manager Keeps You Informed For Every Step

The SmartStream 3D Build Manager not only helps you during the design phase by helping you design and prepare your parts for print, it also integrates with leading industry solutions like AutoDesk, NetFabb, materialise, and the 3MF Consortium.

Once your part is prepped for printing, you’ll also be able to track its every move right from your desktop—from initial sendoff through final manufacturing.

Embrace Speed and Consistency with HP

HP MultiJet Fusion 3D Printers are designed to always be one step ahead of industry “norms.” Don’t settle for inconsistent quality or agonizingly slow printing processes. Embrace the HP OpenPlatform and the MultiJet Fusion 3D printer and learn how your office can be at the forefront of 3D printing innovation.

Learn More With TPM

As the exclusive dealer of the HP MultiJet Fusion 3D printer throughout South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, and West Virginia (the largest and most complete 3D printing product portfolio in the region), we are thrilled to offer this exceptional product to our clients and would be happy to provide you with the service and support you require.

At TPM, we’re always searching for the new technologies and solutions that will help our clients stay ahead of the digital manufacturing game. For more information on the HP MultiJet Fusion 3D printer that's perfect for your office, reach us by phone at (800) 922-1145 or contact us online at any time.

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer

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