Ensure Your Business Never Falls Behind with Canon Copiers & Printers

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canon multifunction copiers and printers

To stay competitive, your business needs the right multifunctional copiers and printers. But what makes duplication technology right? Is the right technology the most cutting-edge? The fastest? The most expensive?

Actually, the right technology is the one that cuts out what you don’t need and keeps in what you do need. The right technology makes it easy for your staff to do more with less. That’s why we think you should scrap your old, clunky copiers and printers—you know, the ones that barely chug along, that spend more time jammed than working, and that you avoid using at all costs—in favor of a Canon multifuntional solution.

Canon keeps abreast of ever-evolving trends and expanding broadband information networks. Canon’s research and development team knows that the future of business productivity is all about simplicity, functionality, and fast-paced communication.

How does Canon ensure your business never falls behind?

Document Distribution

Since the average company spends 6% of its annual revenue on costs associated with processing documents, Canon created the Document Distribution Solution. This software allows employees to scan paper documents on a Canon multifunctional printer and choose from a range of customized workflow options designed especially for their personal or departmental needs.

Canon imageRUNNER technology bridges paper and digital workflows by converting paper documents into shareable electronic files. By using this system, employees can efficiently share and collaborate on documents, increasing document throughput.

One-Touch Workflow

How much time could your business save by automating manual processes with programmable workflows for scanning, archiving, and distributing invoices, purchase orders, and more? Canon multifunctional printers allow you to create one-touch buttons through either the device panel or the Workflow Composer Editor PC application.

“Thanks to … Canon’s imagePRESS technology,” said Ray Hawkins, CEO of ABC Imaging, “we have streamlined our operations and profit as a result of 50% higher throughput and 30% less costs.”


Network security is an increasingly urgent priority for companies of all sizes. But did you know that 25% of all data breaches involve paper records? Canon multifunction printers and copiers protect your documents through secure information transfers, digital signatures, and encryption of PDF documents.

Since much information is sent outside the protection of company firewalls, Canon provides authentication applications that can lock down the entire device or only the document distribution capability. You can easily integrate Canon’s system with many identification systems such as magnetic card readers, contactless card readers, and keyboard password entry.

Scan to Cloud Technology

An increasingly mobile workforce demands more mobility for document storage, retrieval, printing, and imaging. According to research by Cisco Systems, more than 30% of workers are regularly working from home and 60% expect to do so in the near future.

Created in response to trends toward higher employee mobility and remote work, Canon multifunctional printers and copiers allow you to scan documents to cloud based solutions such as EverNote. Employees can retrieve documents, images, or files from home, the airport, or a hotel using their personal device.

Canon’s customizable, scalable solutions are eco-conscious and easy to integrate. More importantly, they are designed to address the challenges of the modern marketplace, providing you with the technological solutions needed to meet and exceed your goals. Canon understands that efficiency, reliability, versatility, and data security are all high priorities for modern businesses.

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