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HP Latex Printing

Printing doesn’t have to be a nightmare just because you’re dealing with super-wide backlit displays, frontlit displays, banners, or double-sided backlits. Send your projects to TPM, and we’ll use our HP Latex 1500 printer to print your work just the way you want it at a cost you’ll love.

Our services are revolutionizing the way small businesses print by providing a fast, affordable, high-quality printing solution that leaves less than a trace on the environment.

Latex printing services allow you to stay competitive and provide high-quality printing results quickly and consistently. Appearing on the market less than ten years ago, latex printing transformed an industry of fading solvent inks, environmentally hazardous processes, and sulphurous odors into quick, clean, and durable creations.

Our printing services rely on the HP Latex 1500 Printer, which is leading the ongoing revolution in latex printing. HP latex printers are universally recognized for generating a range of high-quality products as well as for their easy-to-use technology, affordability, and environmental sensitivity.

Deliver High-Quality Printwork to Your Customers

TPM uses HP Latex 1500 printers, one of the third generation of HP latex printers, to deliver instantly dry, scratch-resistant images. In addition, HP technology features an embedded spectrophotometer to create a sharp, precise color match.

Print on a Range of Media

Send us point-of-purchase displays, transit signage, wall murals, exhibition graphics, billboards, vehicle wraps, and exterior event signage. Our HP Latex 1500 printer creates focused, colorful images for a variety of media with display permanence for up to three years unlaminated. These images are also scratch, smudge and water resistant.

Embrace the Environment

You can feel good about handing your printing needs over to us because Latex printing is an environmental leap forward over solvent-based inks. Its water-based HP inks provide the clear, vibrant imagery of solvent inks without the environmental and safety hazards. Odorless latex printer ink requires no special ventilation or air discharge permits, and it does not produce ozone emissions or contain HAPs (hazardous air pollutants). The inks are non-flammable, non-combustible and contain no hazardous warning labels.

Keep Costs Affordable for You and Your Client

Because HP Latex 1500 printers are among the most reasonably priced options on the market, your printing services are affordable, too.

For an easy, sustainable approach to printing that yields quick, high-quality results, try our HP Latex 1500 printing capabilities. You can do more business and keep more money in your pocket.

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