Discover How Nike and BMW use HP 3D Printing to Improve Performance

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Nike BMW HP 3D Printing

The new wave of manufacturing is all about speed, efficiency, and precision. HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printers are making the future possible now. The HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer operates at speeds up to ten times faster and at a cost that’s one-half of its closest competitor’s—all while producing a high-quality product designed and crafted with voxel level control.

HP’s corporate partners in this breakthrough technology include solid industry giants such as Nike, BMW, Autodesk, Jabil, Johnson & Johnson, Materialise, Proto Labs, Shapeways, and Siemens.

Nike clearly sees that the future is faster in 3D. “At Nike we innovate for the world’s best athletes. We’ve been using 3D printing to create new performance innovations for footwear for the past several years,” says Tom Clarke, president of Innovation at Nike. “Now we are excited to partner with HP to accelerate and scale our existing capabilities as we continue to explore new ways to manufacture performance products to help athletes reach their full potential.”

The HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer culminates three years of research and development using 3D printing at Nike. Before the advent of 3D printing technology, Nike’s designers needed months to create and tweak their prototypes. Now, they require just hours.

HP 3D printers rely on an easy-to-use workflow, a high-speed cooling process, voxel level control, and an open platform to ensure speed, quality, and efficiency. With the new HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer, Nike expects to accelerate its prototyping and fast-track its most futuristic creations.

This comes as no surprise to HP.

“Our 3D printing platform is unique in its ability to address over 340 million voxels per second, versus one point at a time, giving our prototyping and manufacturing partners radically faster build speeds, functional parts, and breakthrough economics,” shares Stephen Nigro, president of HP’s 3D printing business. “The new HP Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution delivers a combination of speed, quality, and cost never seen in the industry. Businesses and manufacturers can completely rethink how they design and deliver solutions to their customers.”

BMW is investing in HP 3D printing to prototype cars and to use in series manufacturing. This design-led car manufacturer recognizes that 3D printers can help the company innovate at speeds inconceivable under previous technologies.

Jens Ertel, head of BMW Group Additive Manufacturing Center, explains, “BMW is a pioneer and early adopter of innovative technologies in the field of additive manufacturing, especially for prototyping in concept cars and series-like approval builds. For our future roadmap toward serial part production and personal customization, we see major potential in our partnership with HP to investigate this new kind of 3D printing technology at an early stage. As one of the first partners, we had the chance to see the constant evolution of the machines over time from the first prototype approximately five years ago to the market ready product that is available now.”

BMW recognizes that current 3D printing has only lifted the curtain on the possibilities the technology holds for the future. Soon, HP 3D printers are expected to print with embedded intelligence, such as sensors in parts, and to implant tracers that will improve security and supply chain tracking.

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer

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