Did You Hear What’s Happening to PlanGrid?

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Did you hear What’s happening to PlanGrid?  

Following the acquisition of PlanGrid, Autodesk is finalizing the unification of PlanGrid and BIM 360 into a unified Platform as the all new Autodesk/PlanGrid BUILD that will enhance the way you work.

Autodesk Build helps you drive projects forward by connecting the field and the office, supporting transparent decision making, and translating decisions to quick actions; all while creating a seamless connection to the entire project team on the same platform. 


Who is impacted? 

Some of the biggest concerns are if you will lose access and features, or if you will inherit a completely new training and implementation liability. As AEC specialists and authorized Autodesk partners, we can assure you that the changes will NOT be disruptive, and the enhanced features are so familiar there will be little to no training liability.

Autodesk BUILD leverages best-in-class technology from both PlanGrid and BIM 360, along with new functionality to connect construction data and workflows across the headquarters, office, and job site.  

For businesses:

  1. Experience cross-project insights, analytics-driven organizational improvements, machine-based risk analysis, easy to extract data.
  2. Autodesk BUILD provides standardized and centralized data collection from design through operations; enabling data-driven decision-making.

For teams:

  1. Leverage fully digitized collaboration, a single place to access all tools, real-time visibility, and a best-in-class mobile experience.
  2. Autodesk BUILD supports an integrated & digitized process for the build phase of a project in a platform that is easy to deploy, adapt and use while ensuring information sharing and workflows are tightly controlled and highly-configurable. 

For projects:

  1. Enjoy a unified view of all project data, understand the root causes behind changes, information control through all stages, and increased efficiency. 
  2. Autodesk BUILD offers tools for project management, quality, safety, cost, and project closeout workflows in a single application that is purpose-built for what you do and where you are working.


Want to know more?  

Join us for our free webinar that will cover: 

  1. Common Pain Points and how PlanGrid is the new Aleve 
  2. New features in PlanGrid BUILD 
  3. Common concerns with the release of the product. 
  4. New Entitlements to your collections 
  5. How all the moving parts seamlessly work together in a unified environment.  


Register for the webinar here!


Who Should attend? 

Owners, Executives, Architects, Engineers, GC's, PM's, and sub-contractors already leveraging PlanGrid


Contact our team for more information on how to convert your existing PlanGrid licenses or for a private full product Demo!  

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