Coordinating with AutoCAD Consultants on BIM 360

[fa icon="calendar"] August 24, 2018 / by Dan Warren

Dan Warren

Dan Warren, AEC Application Engineer

Autodesk BIM 360 Design has been a boon to the architectural and engineering design world. Now designers in Autodesk Revit can collaborate side by side regardless of their geographic location. This has afforded Revit users far more flexibility than ever before- if you can find internet, you can work on your design. But, design teams who haven’t standardized on Revit always provided a complication to this process.

Linking DWG files into a RVT file via BIM 360 had (until recently) always proved more difficult than seemingly necessary. The old process required setting up parallel Dropbox locations on every users’ machine. But now the Autodesk Desktop Connector allows AutoCAD users to coordinate in the cloud with their Revit teams as if they were sitting in the same office. The following video shows how to export background Xrefs from Revit and working DWG files from AutoCAD to a BIM 360 project. This workflow streamlines the coordination process between AutoCAD and Revit via BIM 360.


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