Canon’s Copiers & Printers are Market Leaders in Functionality, Quality, & Dependability

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Canon’s-Copiers-&-Printers-are-Market-Leaders-in-Functionality,-Quality,-&-Dependability.jpgDigital innovation proceeds at breakneck speeds. That’s why great leaders look for credible technology that’s user friendly, pinpoint accurate, and built-to last.

Canon’s multifunctional copiers and printers are market leaders in functionality, quality, and dependability.

In February 2017, Canon U.S.A., Inc. won the Buyers Laboratory’s (BLI) most coveted award—the A3 MFP Line of the Year—for the second consecutive year.

BLI, considered the world’s leading authority on document imaging devices and solutions, presents this annual award to the vendor whose product line is determined to be the best overall. How is that determination made? Products undergo BLI’s demanding two-month laboratory evaluations.

The results?

“Canon’s A3 products continue to be consistently outstanding from top to bottom,” said George Mikolay, BLI’s Senior Editor for A3 MFPs. “An astounding misfeed rate of just one nearly every 400,000 impressions, simple procedures for replacing components, outstanding operability and a ‘know one, know all’ philosophy provide users with unparalleled uptime regardless of how large or small their workgroup is.”

Canon currently has a total of 12 A3 Pick awards. In addition, 17 of Canon’s A3 models tested have earned a Highly Recommended rating.

Awards aren’t Canon’s only evidence of its distinctive leadership role. Thanks to the company’s research and development team, the Canon brand name has come to signify fast speeds and finely detailed print quality at a budget-friendly total cost.


While the output speed of a Canon printer is about the same as it was ten years ago, the simplified workflow process is reducing overall duplication time. Thanks to Canon’s innovations, the copier is no longer the boxy, gray duplication machine in the corner. It is now a multifunctional network distribution hub. It can streamline and even automate everyday business processes such as invoice processing, document security, and information storage and retrieval.

To improve office workflows, Canon created Canon CloudConnect, which connects photocopiers with leading cloud services such as Google Docs and Microsoft Sharepoint. Coupled with Canon’s color scanning technology, CloudConnect means documents can be sent just about anywhere with an Internet connection.


Canon initiated the basic mechanisms used in inkjet printers. Now, it’s refining them. Canon’s FINE system is an ink ejection mechanism and print head manufacturing technology that produces spectacular improvements in image quality, gradation expression, and image stability.

The FINE process relies on microscopic ink droplets and precise ejection to achieve high image quality. For optimum output, Canon's FINE print head pushes out all the ink under the heater in a single ejection. FINE’s ink droplet speed functions at 1.5 times that of conventional systems, increasing placement accuracy. Top-speed, fine-quality printing requires high-precision fabrication technologies. Canon's FINE print heads integrate heaters and nozzles into a single unit on a wafer, which makes it possible to arrange 6,000 or more nozzles within an area about the size of your thumbprint.


A good business copier should last seven to 10 years, pumping out 1,000 to 50,000 copies per month depending on its size and output capacity. Of course, during those seven to 10 years of life, businesses expect their duplication technology to perform with a minimum of disruption. Does brand selection have more to do with duplication technology durability than other considerations? It may.

In a reliability and service survey of some 63,000 PCWorld readers, just three companies—Canon, Brother, and Epson—demonstrated strong customer satisfaction in reliability and feature satisfaction. Of these, only Canon also showed strength in service and support. A similar survey by the UK-based technology publication Which? reported that 72% of respondents chose Canon as the most trusted brand for reliability.

Canon printers and copiers are high-speed, built-to-last devices that simplify workflows, improve print quality, and outlast the competition.

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