Canon Copiers & Printers Help Optimize Your Business' Productivity

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canon multifunctional copiers and printers

Are your printing and copying needs limiting your business’ productivity? Would it literally be faster to copy your documents by hand than try to use some of your office's equipment?

It doesn't have to be this way.

What businesses expect of duplication services is changing at lightning speed. But new technology development is keeping pace. Since the advent of moveable type more than 1,000 years ago, printing and duplication technology has evolved to today’s hyper-fast multifunction printers that can generate finely detailed product from information stored in a cloud.

In the past, technological innovation drove market creativity. Today, however, business innovations are driving research and development into futuristic copying and printing solutions.

For seventy years, Canon copiers and printers have been optimizing businesses’ productivity. The company strives to provide one-of-a-kind technologies at never-before-seen values. With timely innovation and integrated platforms, Canon has earned its reputation as a manufacturer of the most trustworthy and reliable hardware in the copying and printing sector.

The Canon Copier Lineup Includes


Printing at speeds of up to 65 pages per minute, the Canon imageRUNNER ADVANCE is the ideal solution for cost-conscious businesses seeking a fast, efficient, all-in-one printer. It features streamlined design and an ability to integrate into a multi-device workplace, making it the printer of choice for small businesses. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE can scan up to 300 dpi in color or black and white, and it offers several optional finishing features such as staple-free stapling, traditional stapling and hole-punching.

The imageRUNNER ADVANCE series included an engine redesign and new software for an efficient and simple user experience. Its built-in fax card allows it to communicate with other imageRUNNER ADVANCE devices. The imageRUNNER ADVANCE is based on a long line of Canon imageRUNNER products. It was the first of Canon’s multifunctional devices to be brought to the market.

Canon imageRUNNER multifunction solutions and Color imageRUNNER

An advanced model designed to enhance productivity, the imageRUNNER ADVANCE C250iF Color Multifunction Printer/Copier is an eye-catching product. This full digital communication center makes it easy and efficient to access data in a cloud.

Recognizing the ever-increasing need for data safety and security in the modern business world, Canon enhanced this product with a system to safeguard and track information. Since today’s business leaders appreciate their power to limit their companies’ environmental footprint, Canon made this product eco-friendly, too.

The complete range of celebrated Canon Small Format Multi-Function copiers

Print, copy, scan, and fax from Canon’s all-in-one, small format, multi-function copiers. Home offices and other business setups with low-volume printing needs can benefit from the streamlined design and easy-to-use functionality of these devices.

Canon knows that just because printing volume is low doesn’t mean quality can be compromised. That’s why the company designed even its smallest and most affordable devices to punch above their weight in quality, speed and consistency.

Modern, hyper-dynamic businesses need fast, reliable, high-quality copiers and printers in order to optimize productivity. Today’s Canon copiers emerged from seventy years of design and product evolution, moving from simple printers to state-of-the-art office hubs created for technological integration, information security, and intuitive use.

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