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4 Reasons Integrating Your Design and Manufacturing Process Is Essential

[fa icon="calendar'] March 16, 2018 / by TPM Admin posted in SOLIDWORKS

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While most SOLIDWORKS users are quick to admit that streamlining a process is profitable, few truly consider it to be essential. But as competition in the 3D design and manufacturing industry grows, we must recognize the role that streamlining and integrating processes plays in profitability. Failure to adopt integrated processes for design and manufacturing results in falling behind the competition.

However, since you're not a one-person show, you must have the right tools and an aligned team that's ready to embrace change before you can transform an established process into an integrated one. Whether your goal is to convince your team or yourself of the power of integration, let's discuss four reasons integration is not only valuable, but also imperative to your design and manufacturing processes.

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Expedite the Design Cycle with High Tech Solutions from SOLIDWORKS

[fa icon="calendar'] March 15, 2018 / by TPM Admin posted in SOLIDWORKS

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On a large scale, SOLIDWORKS leads the design and manufacturing industry in 3D CAD software. But it's the tools within SOLIDWORKS that make this CAD software not just high tech, but also practical and powerful in the real world.

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How SOLIDWORKS Takes the Complexity out of Designing for Manufacturability

[fa icon="calendar'] March 07, 2018 / by TPM Admin posted in SOLIDWORKS

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A product's manufacturability is determined by its readiness to go to market. SOLIDWORKS offers several tools and features that aid in that readiness. Whether it's a time-saving, money-saving or error-reducing solution, each is a step toward improved productivity in design and manufacturing.

Let's discuss five ways SOLIDWORKS helps design teams tackle complex tasks with simple, straightforward solutions.

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That's A Wrap!

[fa icon="calendar'] February 28, 2018 / by TPM Admin posted in Color Lab

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Today, we are talking about why vehicle advertising is the next best thing and how it can help businesses of any size reach their audiences and create new leads. Here at The Color Lab we've got  you covered when it comes to Vehicle Graphics. We offer a wide range of services from Full and Partial Wraps and Decals, Vehicle Installation and Removal, and many more. 

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Charlotte Robotics Teams Prefer SOLIDWORKS from TPM, Inc. as Their CAD Software Solution

[fa icon="calendar'] February 22, 2018 / by TPM Admin posted in News

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Charlotte, NC – TPM, Inc., the Southeast’s leading 2D and 3D design technology provider, partners with SOLIDWORKS to bring sophisticated CAD Software to manufacturers as well as future manufacturers like the students in Queen City Robotics Alliance (QCRA).

QCRA is comprised of several local FIRST teams ranging in age from kindergarten to 12th grade. Many of these students have professional level certifications (CSWP) before they graduate high school.

All of the high school teams use SOLIDWORKS as their 3D CAD solution and sometimes use partner products such as SOLIDWORKS Simulation. The current high school teams include:

  • 3506 YETI Robotics (30 students)
  • 4290 Bots of War (25 students)
  • 4935 T-Rex (90 students)
  • 6894 Iced Java (the newest area team of 15 students)


YETI recently adopted SOLIDWORKS Electrical for their 2D Schematics. “From an ease of use and instructional standpoint, SOLIDWORKS is the most supportive and easy-to-use platform to teach to the students,” says Robbie Hoyler, Manufacturing Application Engineer at TPM. Hoyler has been involved in FIRST since 2003 and credits his pursuit of a career in engineering to his robotics team experience.


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Are You Ready for Trade Show Season?

[fa icon="calendar'] February 14, 2018 / by TPM Admin posted in Color Lab

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tradeshows-1.jpgHow to Turn Heads at Your Next Trade Show

It's that time of year again when businesses are hitting the trade shows hard. In order to be noticed you will need the perfect solutions to set yourself apart from the competition. Finding the best tradeshow display is the place to start. You can easily gain instant credibility with a professional, eye-catching trade show display without overdoing it.

As Pitbull once said, "Simplicity is the Key to Success" and the same goes for signage. Trade shows can be over the top with too many flashy displays and lots of activity going on in one space. Therefore, your best bet is to keep it classy with an open and inviting layout and design.

Today, we are sharing some of our favorite displays designed by the Color Lab, that are perfect examples of great ways to brand yourself and attract new opportunities!

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Organizing your block library using Tool Palettes

[fa icon="calendar'] January 12, 2018 / by TPM Admin posted in AEC, Autodesk

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Bruce Harris , TPM AEC Application Engineer

Today's Four Minute Friday shows an easy method to organize your block libraries into Tool Palettes. Also how to further organize the individual tabs into groups. We will be using Design Center to create the Tool Palettes. 

Let's head over to AutoCad to check it out.

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New Partnership with Autodesk Netfabb

[fa icon="calendar'] October 23, 2017 / by TPM Admin posted in News

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TPM has a new partnership with Autodesk Netfabb additive manufacturing and design software. Effective immediately, TPM will begin providing these innovative software tools and associated services to streamline additive manufacturing workflows and quickly get from 3D models to successfully 3D printed parts. TPM is the first Autodesk partner in North America to help launch this new product line up. Autodesk’s Netfabb software suite consists of the following solutions:

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Ensure Your Business Never Falls Behind with Canon Copiers & Printers

[fa icon="calendar'] June 12, 2017 / by TPM Admin posted in Document & Print Solutions

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To stay competitive, your business needs the right multifunctional copiers and printers. But what makes duplication technology right? Is the right technology the most cutting-edge? The fastest? The most expensive?

Actually, the right technology is the one that cuts out what you don’t need and keeps in what you do need. The right technology makes it easy for your staff to do more with less. That’s why we think you should scrap your old, clunky copiers and printers—you know, the ones that barely chug along, that spend more time jammed than working, and that you avoid using at all costs—in favor of a Canon multifuntional solution.

Canon keeps abreast of ever-evolving trends and expanding broadband information networks. Canon’s research and development team knows that the future of business productivity is all about simplicity, functionality, and fast-paced communication.

How does Canon ensure your business never falls behind?

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Canon’s Copiers & Printers are Market Leaders in Functionality, Quality, & Dependability

[fa icon="calendar'] June 05, 2017 / by TPM Admin posted in Document & Print Solutions

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Digital innovation proceeds at breakneck speeds. That’s why great leaders look for credible technology that’s user friendly, pinpoint accurate, and built-to last.

Canon’s multifunctional copiers and printers are market leaders in functionality, quality, and dependability.

In February 2017, Canon U.S.A., Inc. won the Buyers Laboratory’s (BLI) most coveted award—the A3 MFP Line of the Year—for the second consecutive year.

BLI, considered the world’s leading authority on document imaging devices and solutions, presents this annual award to the vendor whose product line is determined to be the best overall. How is that determination made? Products undergo BLI’s demanding two-month laboratory evaluations.

The results?

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