6 Reasons Construction Firms Choose to Outsource BIM/VDC Management

[fa icon="calendar"] September 22, 2020 / by Pat Hill

Recently, many of the construction firms we work with have asked for tips on how to keep up effective production while also creating new workflows that lead to better efficiency. In short, how do you change the tires on a car when you have to keep driving?

Many businesses are struggling with how best to address this issue. For many organizations, the attempt to completely internalize the BIM/VDC management processes can have a negative impact on their production ability.

Design organizations that utilize Building Information Modelling or Virtual Design and Construction (BIM/VDC) solutions can be fragmented and frustrated by the need to provide a quality deliverable while also creating standards, content, training and determining best practices for their specific applications.

One option that many organizations are adopting is to outsource BIM/VDC management and standards and allow their internal team to do what they do best - produce design content. We asked several design firms why they chose to outsource, and compiled the reasons below:


More time to focus on design

Outsourcing allows your production staff and management to concentrate and commit to what is likely their primary focus, which is to design and develop solutions that address their client’s needs. Often a team is created that does not have the expertise to create standards and processes that can help production and standardization.

Leverage pre-existing experience

Outsourcing BIM/VDC management allows an organization to gain the benefits of a group that has worked with, experienced, or implemented various techniques and solutions. Some of those solutions and best practices can be utilized by your organization.

No time due to workload

Workload capacity is on an ongoing struggle with many organizations. An organization will often be asked to determine workload capacity of staff and make difficult decisions with balance of production and standards that have potential to streamline and increase efficiencies at the expense of immediate needs. The result is that the increase in production and efficiency is put off “until we have time.”

Need additional outsourced services

Beyond BIM/VDC management, some companies want the ability to take advantage of additional solutions as well, and don’t have internal capabilities to add these either. Some typical examples of outsourcing abilities would be, 3D point cloud scans, aerial scanning, high quality visual presentations, custom coded solutions, integration with existing systems.

Building trust

Working with a trusted consultant that is aware of your solution will also allow an organization to have strategic forward-thinking discussions about emerging technologies and solutions that the outsource consulting team is exploring and exposed to. These discussions can create or maintain a competitive advantage with your organization.

Don’t have resources

Economic impact on an organization will be a determining factor. Many organizations are not in a position that would allow a full-time employee to be dedicated to various BIM/VDC management duties. Either thru scope of work needed based on size of an organization or financial impact because of hiring someone full time, the BIM/VDC management tasks and processes are ignored and users are forced to create their own inconsistent and often ineffective solutions.

Ultimately, we found that the issue of lacking standards, content, and workflows defined for an organization was a major hurdle to BIM/VDC adoption. That’s why TPM’s outsourced BIM/VDC management services have these elements pre-defined. This ensures that you will see a positive impact on your organization thru more efficient methods and processes.

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Pat Hill

Written by Pat Hill

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