10x Faster 3D Printing Speeds Allow for More Production

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HP 3D Printing

3D printing is on the cusp of transforming the way we manufacture products. Why are companies hesitant to embrace it?

In the past, 3D printers have not created new parts at the speed to which users were accustomed. Waiting for a 3D printer to make one functional part could grind production to a halt. Significant time had to be budgeted for post processing. The 3D printer’s customization was welcome, but its slow production time was not.

But what if 3D printers could do customization en masse? What if they could do so with unmatched precision? And at a price your business can afford?

Now all those "what ifs" are a possibility with the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer.

The HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer offers a technological breakthrough that accelerates production to speeds up to ten times faster than competing 3D printers. Its rapidity alone addresses the ongoing challenge of production speed.

HP’s newest 3D printer processes layers in one pass by producing over 30 million drops per second across each inch of the working area. That’s possible because one axis lays powder, and one axis lays agent. This is not binder jetting or material jetting. It’s brand new.

As a faster 3D printing solution, the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer doesn’t just decrease the time lapsed from concept to part, but it also opens the way for high volume continuous production. An HP Jet Fusion 4200 takes eight seconds to print one layer; a full build volume printing time of 9.6 hours. The difference is not just increased speed. It’s an economy of scale, customization and efficiency previously unheard of in the 3D printing universe.

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printers don’t just produce parts ten times faster, but they can also produce up to ten times as many parts in the same time frame. These printers can craft 2,500 parts per build unit, far outstripping their nearest competition. In laymen’s terms, that means up to 2,500 parts can be ready for next day shipment. Up to 5,000 parts can be printed per day and up to 30,000 per week thanks in part to HP 3D printers’ ultra-fast cooling time.

The distinguishing feature of 3D printing is customization. The HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer doesn’t sacrifice that feature on the altar of speed. With this HP printer, you can make same-day design decisions. Capable of producing 24 design iterations in three hours, the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer can produce more ready-to-use parts in the same day than other 3D printer in its class.

When HP says their Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer is ten times faster, they don’t just mean it’s quick. They mean it is ten times faster in sustained performance. You don’t sacrifice precision, quality, or cost for speed. Neither do you have to choose between speed and output. With a streamlined workflow that enables continuous printing and the capability to produce more parts in a day, this HP printer is creating breakthrough levels of customized productivity.

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printer

TPM, Inc. is an exclusive dealer of HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printers in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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